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 Intellectual Property Rights
Looking Beyond The Hype
Published on : Wednesday, June 30, 2010
People have a very narrow conception of innovation. We should never forget that innovation can be driven only in a profit oriented society. The great Economist Joseph Schumpeter stressed this point. For innovation , intellectual property rights and various other frameworks are necessary, writes Sumit Bhaduri in The Times Of india.
New Book: Geographical Indicators: Its evolving contours
Published on : Tuesday, August 25, 2009
The volume titled "Geographical Indications…Its evolving Contours" by Dr Prabuddha Ganguli, a leading authority in IPR presents the nuances of Geographical Indication (GI) in a comprehensive and lucid manner in 9 chapters. The study further examines the system and practice of protection granted in respect of Geographical Indications in various countries. The system of GI is now well developed in India and the study presents the status of GI in India citing examples of GI that have been granted in India.
Reader's pay a price for authors' greed
Published on : Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Although parallel import restrictions exist in Australia for the three main branches of intellectual property – copyright, patents and trademarks – they are inconsistent and unnecessary for copyrighted works. They need to be registered with a government agency country by country. But they rarely are because of the cost involved, and as a result there is no guarantee that royalty payments will be made to the right holder on an import, writes Tim Wilson for The Australian.
Patent Reform in China may aggravate the economic crisis
Published on : Tuesday, February 10, 2009
China's patent law evolved over the past 25 years largely from efforts to quiet Western nations' complaints about rampant theft of intellectual property. Less developed economies often seek to advantage themselves by protecting national champions while taking the fruits of others' inventiveness. China's ambivalence about ownership of any property, much less intellectual property, magnifies the reluctance of most growing economies to protect rights of foreign patent holders, writes Ronald A Cass in the Wall Street Journal Asia.
European Antitrust Officials reprimands Microsoft
Published on : Tuesday, January 20, 2009
The European Commission may order Microsoft to strip Internet Explorer (IE) from certain versions of Windows, according to a preliminary ruling against Microsoft stemming from a complaint by Opera. Opera claims that Microsoft is “abusing its dominant position” by bundling IE with Windows, and denying consumers “genuine choice” among web browsers. The folks at Opera may feel that going after Microsoft might help them peel off a few users - or, at least, get Opera’s name out there in the press – but Opera’s biggest enemy is certainly not Internet Explorer, writes Ryan Radia of Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Get real, we are living in a fake world
Published on : Sunday, July 27, 2008
Counterfeit drugs are a multi-million dollar industry. The fake medicines market is said to be worth over $60 billion a year, up 25% on three years ago and tipped to rise to $100 billion by 2010. Like counterfeit watches, fake perfumes, imitation designer clothing and pirated films, they thrive in a world where people are all too ready to bend the rules. Authenticity is an under-rated virtue. It's always better to wear a genuine Indian watch than a fake foreign luxury brand, because the latter puts you in the position of pretending to have something you don't, which is as bad as pretending to be someone you're not. Where imagination is usurped by imitation, no one wins, writes Shashi Tharoor in the Times of India
Break with tradition: Protecting traditional knowledge
Published on : Saturday, July 5, 2008
Kerala has proposed a 'traditional knowledge' policy, aimed at providing some form of "property rights" protection to the body of traditional knowledge within the state. The policy envisages an open source model, where anything created/invented using such traditional knowledge flows back to the common pool of traditional knowledge. This move to legislate on traditional knowledge at the state level is a bold and non-traditional, writes Shamnad Basheer in Indian Express
Patently Obvious
Published on : Thursday, April 17, 2008
Giving bureaucrats the power to set a global research agenda would politicize drug R&D. Establishing a new global bureaucracy to regulate drug research and development would be highly counterproductive.
Intellectual Piracy industry at US $ 4 billion
Published on : Monday, March 24, 2008
Innovations in IT actually help counterfeiters to go beyond geographical limits by using the Web. Piracy and counterfeiting are growing and deprived the Indian entertainment industry of some $4 billion (Rs16,240 crore), or almost 40% of potential annual revenues, as well as around 820,000 jobs, according to the first Bollywood-Hollywood collaborative study to be unveiled this week at the Ficci Frames conference, writes Neelam Verjee in the Mint
Patent busting doesn't help patients
Published on : Saturday, March 22, 2008
Mix two complex subjects (pate

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