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Land Distribution Paradoxes and Dilemmas
Published on : Thursday, October 31, 2013
“The land question” is seldom a question. Typically it is a slew of dogmas and myths as tenacious as they are erroneous. Virtually every supposed fact about land in South Africa is not just wrong, but so far off the mark as to make the adoption of sound policies virtually impossible. Few issues are as bedevilled by the hard-wired inclination to see issues of race in black and white, in both senses of the term. A binary imperative seems to drive us into adopting one of two sides when things are seldom that simple. How many well-informed South Africans are even vaguely aware of the tenure under which Coloureds and Asians lived historically or live today, or how much land was “set aside” for their occupation, asks Leon Louw in this paper published by The Helen Suzman Foundation.
The Tragedy of Land Reform
Published on : Monday, April 14, 2008
With rice prices rising, the issue of land reforms has once again emerged on front pages of newspapers. In the Philippines, every president has used land reforms to buy support from the masses. But has such attempts to redistribute land really helped the farmers? Does land reform effectively meet the demands for social justice and productivity growth? Rather than meddling in agriculture, the government should abolish land reforms, writes Robin Lucas in Minimal Government
Free India's land market
Published on : Tuesday, February 5, 2008
The industrial revolution may yet come to India, riding the Nano; a century late, perhaps, but better late than never. The bitter debate over land acquisition in Singur, should help us appreciate the urgent need for liberalizing the land market, and pave the way for truly "inclusive growth". The potential benefit of unlocking the economic value of land, particularly for the poor, is beyond our imagination, writes Barun Mitra in the Mint
Swinging socialism of the past haunts 21 century India
Published on : Friday, April 6, 2007
Look at the ceiling and conjure up a figure, apply it to cap land transaction. SEZs get that time-tested treatment. SEZs being hobbled by land ceiling restrictions, evidence of the continued socialist control mindset, even while attempting to reform Indian economy, writes Bibek Debroy in Indian Express.

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